hypanis.ru But before that…

But before that…

Magic is what started it all. David Copperfield’s TV specials began in ’77. I don’t know how young I was when I first saw him but I knew I wanted to know more. Needed to know. But even before that my big sister got a magic set as a gift. It was a pretty big one. She went to her room and practiced and then put on a show for me. I was baffled, and a little mad at my sister. She hid the set and I didn’t see it for a long time.

One rainy day I went to the family game closet, yeah it was Beaver Cleaver and awesome, and when I opened the doors there was the magic set. I quickly opened it to find no instructions. There were all the treasures but no map to create them. I thought the plastic thumb was ridicules. “Who would think that’s my thumb?” I cant recall which ones I did figure out but I came up with enough for my own show, which I quickly performed for my friend Mike. He was then baffled, and a little mad at me.

The next thing I know my pals from school and I were all sitting around the cafeteria showing each other magic tricks. Some people would have called us nerds but we preferred geeks. We all searched the school library for any wealth of books it had. 4 books. But at least there were enough for us to all have one and then we would share with each other.

And when I ran out of magic books I began to read about the life of Harry Houdini. He intrigued me as much as Evil Knievel and I had been Mr. Knievel for Halloween for 3 years in a row. Houdini wrote a few books that included descriptions of other acts. One such book is “Miracle Mongers” which I have a copy of today. He spoke of sward swallowing, fire eating and walking on glowing coals. I suppose that was when the fuse was permanently installed into my being. Now, who has a light?

Will Rotten