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The Rotten Brothers Loves Six Flags St. Louis

The Rotten Brothers got our start at St. Louis Six Flags and we’re incredibly grateful to have returned for several years. We wanted to share a little love that we’ve received since our first side show performance there in 2000. The Rotten Bros. fans in this city are our favorite for a reason.

For those that don’t know, The Rotten Brothers have an incredible love for St. Louis and the fans at Six Flags Theme Park. The Rotten Bros received our first big break in 2000 when Six Flags St. Louis hired us to create an all-ages, edgy side show. We performed at Fright Fest in St. Louis from 2000-2002 before embarking on adventures around the globe. Since 2011, The Rotten Brothers show has returned to Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis and we can’t begin to express just how much we love this town, this park, and these fans.

So, for you today, I’ve compiled some reviews and feedback we’ve gotten specifically from our performances at Fright Fest at the Six Flags in St. Louis, a place we owe a great deal and can’t wait to return to in 2013!

St. Louis fans of the Rotten Brothers Speak Out

“Awesome. Inspiring. I’m coming back tomorrow.” – Joe

“The BEST thing at Fright Fest!” – Stacy

“We come to Fright Fest at Six Flags every year but this is our first time seeing the Rotten Bros. They were incredible, like nothing we’ve ever seen before. This side show has it all, from humor to horror, we had such a great time! I still don’t know how they did it all! They were really great.” – Susan

“My 6 year old son hasn’t spoken in two years. After watching the Rotten Brothers side show, he wouldn’t stop talking. THANK YOU!” – Happy Mom

From St. Louis Six Flags’ Staff

“The audience reaction is unequalled. It’s not just a show, it’s a ride!” – Therese Bargman, Six Flags Head of Entertainment

“I’ve worked Fright Fest for years and I’ve never seen anything like this!” – Insanity Alley actor

“We’ve never had so many fans stop by to leave feedback, all raving about the side show and the Rotten Brothers.” – Six Flags St. Louis Customer Service Representitive

What Does This Mean for The Rotten Brothers?

We’re hoping that these awesome reviews and kind words we probably don’t deserve will have us returning to St. Louis Six Flags year after year! Here’s hoping we see you in 2013!

“The fans have became family. St. Louis audiences support live theater like no other town. We always enjoy entertaining appreciative people and St. Louis Six Flags NEVER lets us down.” – Will Rotten