Here is what people are saying!

“Great job!”
Jay Leno

“A pleasure to work with!”
Carnival Cruise Lines Entertainment Supervisor
Virginia Blankfield

“The audience reaction is unequaled. It’s not just a show, it’s a ride!”
Six Flags Head Of Entertainment
Therese Bargman

“Seriously the best and most surprising act I’ve seen in a decade”
Author of “Shocked and Amazed”
James Taylor

“He killed!”
Legendary Star of Coney Island, Broadway and TV
Todd Robbins

“The Rotten Bros. create a divertissement that makes you chuckle one moment and makes you want to hurl another. Good times.”
Orlando Sentinel

“He’s the best performer I have ever seen.”
Gazzo Osbourne –  Legendary Performer

“I really enjoyed you.”
Eugene Burger – Master Close Up Magician